Looking for ant control in Bristol? Ant is a social insect. It is present in large colonies. Ant’s enter the house, storage structures and agriculture fields from a small opening and hole, even from cracks and crevices. Ants are attracted towards food, especially sweet, greasy and protein containing food items. Ants may enter a place in search of shelter. Once the Ant finds the food to eat, they transmit a kind of signal, called pheromones which helps other ants to reach the food destination. It is very important to control the whole Ant colony, not just a few ants. Sprays and insect repellents kill only a few Ants. That is why it isn’t a permanent solution to this problem and for a better solution, you need an ant control company in Bristol like us who can provide professional ant control services.

Ants Control Bristol

Infestation of Ants can cause heavy loss if they attack the stored food. If your business is related to food items and Ants have attacked it, it’s a sign of danger. It can degrade the product quality, degrade the brand name and can cause health problems to the consumers. Even if the infestation is in the house, it is very unhygienic and unhealthy to consume that food. If you see Ants frequently inside your property, hire a professional ant control company in Bristol like us and get rid of all the ants from your property.

How to check from where the Ants are coming?

Follow the trail of Ants and find that hole or opening from which it is coming. Check the garden areas and places outside your property, where the colony of Ants is present Ants make their shelter outside the property mostly and forage the food items inside the property. This, you can do yourself. But to completely get rid of Ants, you need to take expert help.

Preventive measures to avoid infestation of Ants:

Close all the holes and unnecessary openings of your property, so that Ants cannot enter the place. Ants can invade from small cracks and crevices; so the proper sealing should be done. The area outside the property should be free of long bushes and plants. Long plants help ants to climb up and enter the place. Food droppings and spilling should be cleaned immediately. As the damp areas, warm places and food items act as attractants for Ants.

Control measures to get rid of Ants:

Ant bait is one of the most used methods. These baits come in the form of gel and granule. As soon as Ants feed on it, poison in the bait starts affecting their digestive tract and kill the ants. Carpenter Ant baits are used for those ants, which feed on wood to make their way into the house. Insecticides are an effective method to control Ants. Non-repellent insecticides are very effective. As the Ants cannot detect it and when comes in contact, eventually dies.

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We, Aman pest control provide experts to control the Ants. As it requires proper knowledge and safety measures to carry out these activities. You can go for home remedies if an infestation is not on a large scale. For long term Control measures, you need someone who has complete knowledge and can give you immediate solution.

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