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Different Types of Cockroaches and What’s The Best Way of Getting Rid of Them!!

Food, warmth, and moisture are some of the things that attract all types of cockroaches. This is the reason why these tiny creatures can be found in homes, as it is the only place where all 3 of them can be found in abundance.

Cockroaches feed on human food items and also on a number of organic materials like cardboard, glue. Not only that but they are also known to feed on dead cockroaches. However, most disturbing of all is the fact that they pick up diseases from the filth in their surroundings and transfer them on to us.

This is why it is essential to know about the best way to get rid of cockroaches. But first, let’s look at the signs of cockroach infestation…


Usually, cockroaches leave behind their mark, which is easy to spot. It is also important to remember that cockroaches are nocturnal creatures. This means that they are hard to spot during the day as they come out in search of food only at night. You can stop acockroachinfestationby identifying the signs left by a cockroach.


Cockroach droppings are like black dust and closely resemble ground coffee.


Cockroaches lay their eggs in a capsule known as ootheca, which contains many eggs.

Smear Marks

They are known to produce irregular and brown coloured smear marks as they rest or crawl.

Shed Skin

Cockroaches shed their skin anywhere from 5-8 times as they mature. You should look for these skins in locations where you think they might have taken up shelter.


These tiny creatures defecate at the place where they live and sleep. This produces a pheromone that attracts other cockroaches to gather around the place.


Cockroaches leave unusual signs of damage. Look out for these signs on food packaging and organic goods like leather and books.



The American cockroaches are the largest types of cockroaches that are known to invade homes. They usually live on trees and prefer dark, humid, and undisturbed places like subfloors, voids in the roof, kitchens, and bathrooms in homes to thrive. These cockroaches are 35-40mm long and are shiny red-brown in colour.


German cockroaches are more often found indoors, and they are known to prefer wet and humid conditions and thus are found in bathrooms in homes and kitchens. A German cockroach can be easily identified by 2 dark and long stripes on the plate-like structure that covers a part of their thorax, known as pronotum. The adults can grow up to anywhere from 12 to 15mm in length.


These cockroaches can adapt and survive in the natural environment. They can thrive in cool and damp areas like in the drains and openings beneath porches. Oriental cockroaches are known to feed on garbage and are most commonly found in rubbish and leaf litters.


An Australian cockroach enters a home at night from the garden or debris and is usually found in places where the winters are no that harsh. Interestingly, although it is known as the Australian cockroach, it is not a native species.


These cockroaches also enter a home at night, and they live in tree hollows, under barks, and floors. Thesetypes of cockroaches are known to enter houses and contaminate food with their regurgitated salivary fluid, excrement, and other harmful bacteria. They can grow up to 35mm in length and are shiny dark brown in colour.


Brown-banded cockroaches are one of the smallest pest cockroaches, and the adult cockroaches of this type can grow approximately to a length of 10-15mm. These cockroaches can be easily identified by yellow-brown stripes on their abdomen.

Brown-banded cockroaches are known to stay on the ground. However, they may fly in warmer climates. Because of their preference for warm and humid environments, they are found within heated buildings, ceilings, around appliance motors, voids in the roof, etc. They are active at night and like foods that have large starch content.


Choosing professional treatment is always the best way to get rid of all types of cockroaches. It not only offers a long-term solution, but it also makes sure that are no re-infestations.