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Some Common Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Home

Today we are going to look at the signs of bed bugs so that you would be able to take preventive measures before the infestation becomes serious.

These tiny critters are known as silent killers because they feed on human blood. They are tough to detect as they are tiny, therefore making it difficult to spot the first signs of bed bugs. In fact, many people do not even know that they are sharing their home with bedbugs.

Usually, they prefer to hide underneath the furniture, mattresses, bed frames, etc., and signs of bed bugs in home can be hard to detect to the untrained eye. It is their bites that make people aware of their presence.


So, you must be wondering by now that what the signs of having bed bugs are? How would you be able to detect whether or not there is an infestation by these unwanted guests? In this blog, you are going to know about just that.

 A majority of people rely on detecting their presence by checking for their bites. Unfortunately, their bites and that of mosquito’s are similar. This leads them to believe that there are no bed bugs in their homes. Having said that, it also needs to be mentioned here that you should be aware of the kind of bug bites you have if possible so that you can take the appropriate steps.

But, the question remains as to how you can spot signs of early bed bug infestation.  We will share some of the symptoms here that you can look outfor to determine an infestation. Given below are 4 of the most common signs of bed bugs infestation:


One of the characteristic features of bed bugs is their ability to hide. And as already mentioned, you might actually be living with them without actually noticing their presence. To make things worse, they are tiny,making it even more difficult to find signs of bed bugs on mattress or elsewhere. However, it is their bites that alert us to their presence.

Sleeping at night can become problematic if there is a bed bug problem in your house, as they bite you while you are asleep, and once they are done feeding, they quickly go back to their hiding place. In the morning,you will find out that you have red and itchy skin around your neck, shoulder, and back as these are the places where they mainly bite. Therefore, if you know the type of bites, you might be lucky enough to figure out the early signs of bed bug bites, which can give away their presence.

The only problem is that most people cannot figure out the difference between a bed bug bite from a mosquito bite as they are very similar. But there is a way to distinguish their bites. If you notice that the bite marks appear in a row, you can rightly assume that it is a bed bug bite. This is because bed bugs bite in a row and not here and there on the body.


Signs of bed bugs in clothes and bedsheets mainly appear in the form of bloodstains. Now, where do these blood stains come from? They usually occur as accidentally squash them in your sleep as they feed on your blood.

These bloodstains can very well be one of many early signs of bed bugs, but you might think that this might not be a definitive sign of their presenceas both the bloodstains and bites can be from a mosquito. Hence, let us look at a couple of other definitive signs of their presence.


Another common bed bug symptom can be the presence of a musty, strong, and unpleasant odor that resembles a wet towel.

These bugs release pheromones, and when they are in large numbers, the smell can become overwhelming.

So, if you find your room smelling like a dirty locker room, then it would wise of you to arrange for an inspection.


The colour of a bed bug egg is either pearly white or translucent. This is when they are first laid. They have a coating in the form of a shiny film that helps them stick to surfaces. The empty ones look similar to the live ones, only that they are less shiny.

On looking carefully, you can find these eggs on fabric, rough surfaces. The empty eggshells can also be found in your mattresses and bed frame.

And if you are wondering, “is one bed bug a sign of infestation” then let’s just say that a female bed bug can lay up to 5 eggs per day and over 500 eggs in her lifetime.

Now you do the math!!

So, if you have bed bugs, then be prepared to see a lot of eggs. Moreover, as they go undetected in most cases, they can multiply quickly. Therefore, it is always recommended to take the help of a professional when you find signs of bed bugs.

And if you are looking for professional bed bug control experts, you can always contact Aman Pest Control at 447400000084. The professionals working here have the necessary expertise to address any pest control relatedissues.