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Ticks Vs Bed Bugs: The Big Difference

The difference between Ticks and Bed bugs might not be huge, but certain qualities between the two make them different from each other.

One significant difference between the two is that while one might find only one bed bug species, several species of ticks can be found depending on the location. The best solution is to contact the local pest control Bristol to stop the spread of the insects. But, first one needs to identify the pest correctly.

How to identify ticks and bed bugs?

It might be difficult for one to recognize them by their appearance, as both seem similar in their appearance. Although ticks have eight legs and bed bugs have six, it is impossible to identify this small difference.

The best way to identify them upon their appearance is after they have fed on blood – ticks do not change their color. They only swell and become much larger in size, while the bed bugs appear a little darker, naturally reddish-brown.

Another way of their identification is their places of stay or their natural habitat. Since they don’t fly, they ride on people and objects to travel distances.

Ticks usually have their homes in wooden or grassy areas. While ticks may pick on people or pets while they walk among tall grasses or other such places, they do not affect structures.

As their name suggests, bed bugs are usually found first on the bed, mattresses, luggage, etc. They will inhabit areas where it is easy for them to find their hosts. They are quick to sneak into places where they can get closer to their source of food.

They can also be identified by their breeding habits. Ticks don’t breed rapidly. Therefore, if residents are dealing with many pest problems, they are most likely dealing with bed bugs as they reproduce quickly. In such cases, the pest control Bristol should be contacted for help.

Tick and bed bug bites

It is difficult to identify these two pests’ bites by sight as it is differently affected by different people, causing lumps, irritation, redness, or rashes.

A better way of identification is that while ticks attach themselves to the skin of their host after biting, bed bugs retreat to their nests after taking a blood meal. Nonetheless, both of them can be serious and should not be avoided.

Although there are no scientifically proven diseases that are transmitted to humans by bed bug bites, on the other hand, ticks carry a variety of illnesses such as Lyme disease, Rocky mountain spotted fever, and Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness (STARI).

Ticks are typically only a problem on the outside. However, bed bugs can quickly affect the inside of one’s home. On the other hand, Ticks can transmit certain diseases, which is not the case of bed bugs.

Therefore, knowing the difference between these two pests and identifying them correctly is essential for dealing with them.

While one detects a tick on his body, the best way is to immediately remove it with a pair of pointed tweezers and drop it in a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Some preventive measures might also be taken to avoid such pest attacks. To prevent bed bugs, one can:

  1. Clean suitcases immediately after a vacation.
  2. Assure that the bedsheets are devoid of bloodspots as these are potential indicators of bed bugs being present.
  3. Wrap up the suitcase in plastic while away for a vacation.
  4. Check minutely before bringing in second-hand furniture in the house.
  5. Contact the local pest control Bristol or any pest control agency for a professional home inspection.

To avoid getting a tick attached to one’s skin or on a pet, one can:

  1. Clean the garden regularly to avoid ticks getting their natural habitat.
  2. Remove all garbage or woods where ticks and pets can hide.
  3. While walking among tall woods and grasses, wear protective clothing, and be conscious.
  4. Consult a local pest control Bristol for garden inspection.

Residents should act immediately at the first signs of ticks or bed bugs. Some homemade remedies and precautions, as mentioned above, may help in reducing the spread of the pests, but a professional might often be required to terminate the pests forever. Therefore, one should immediately contact a pest control Bristol on these pests’ first signs at home.