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Our dedicated team is committed to providing effective and reliable flea control services, ensuring a pest-free environment for you and your family.

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If you’re dealing with a flea infestation in Bristol, it can be embarrassing and disruptive. Flea bites are uncomfortable for everyone and can cause severe skin irritation for some individuals. Fleas typically enter homes through pets like cats and dogs, living on their skin to feed on their blood and lay eggs. Signs of flea presence include unusual scratching by your pets, and these pests can also bite humans, infesting beds, rugs, and sofas.

Given the rapid breeding of fleas (with one female laying up to 20 eggs per day), it’s crucial to address the issue comprehensively for long-lasting results. That’s where professional flea control services in Bristol become essential.

The Flea Challenge in Bristol

In Bristol, like many areas, faces its fair share of flea infestations. These pesky parasites can quickly multiply, causing irritation and potential health risks. Aman Pest Control recognizes Bristol residents’ unique challenges and tailors our Flea Control services to address these specific concerns. We understand that pets are often the carriers of fleas in homes. Our flea control services are designed to be pet-friendly, ensuring the safety and well-being of your furry friends. We use methods that target fleas while keeping your pets health in mind.


Aman Pest Control takes pride in employing a diverse and advanced range of methods for Flea Control, ensuring both efficacy and environmental friendliness. Our commitment is to eliminate fleas effectively and minimize any impact on your living environment.

Recognizing that every infestation is unique, we tailor its flea control solutions to your situation. Our experienced technicians assess the extent of the infestation, the types of surfaces affected, and any particular considerations related to your living environment. This customization ensures a targeted and practical approach.

We don’t just stop at the treatment phase. We provide comprehensive post-treatment guidance to help you maintain a flea-free environment. This may include advice on sanitation practices, preventive measures, and ongoing monitoring to ensure a sustained solution.

We employ a multifaceted and environmentally conscious approach to flea control. Our goal is to provide practical, customized solutions that address your needs while prioritising your living environment’s well-being.

Get The Best Flea Control Services in Bristol

Aman Pest Control is a trusted provider with a proven track record in delivering effective pest control Bristol fleas and removal services. Our trained technicians offer customized solutions, utilizing chemical treatment and heating methods to eliminate fleas from your property. It’s also important to treat pets for fleas or ticks under the guidance of a veterinary expert. Additionally, thorough vacuuming of carpets, linoleums, and upholstery, and cleaning and mopping indoor tiles and floorings, is necessary. Outdoor areas, especially those frequented by pets, should be cleaned with soapy water.

Beyond immediate eradication, Aman Pest Control emphasizes the importance of preventive measures to ensure long-term results. Our technicians address the current infestation and guide practices that can help prevent future flea problems. This includes educating clients on proper sanitation practices, sealing entry points, and implementing measures to discourage fleas from returning. We aim to create sustainable, pest-free environments over time by taking a proactive approach.

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Our pest control Bristol experts will inspect the area and provide information on suitable treatment options. To schedule our prompt flea removal services, contact us at +44 117 287 0254. We specialize in flea removal and offer services like Private Pest Control, Wasp Nest Removal, Bed Bugs Removal, Carpet Beetle Control, Cockroach Control, Bird Control, Moth Control, Ant Control, and more. Read our blogs for more tips on flea removal. Don’t wait any longer – call or email us today to learn more about flea control in Bristol and regain a pest-free home!


Our Pest Control Bristol experts will inspect the area and provide information on suitable treatment options. To schedule our prompt flea removal services, contact us at +44 117 287 0254. In addition to Fleas control, our services encompass Wasp Nest Removal, Carpet Beetle Control, Cockroach Control, Bird Control, Rat Control, Moth Control, Ant Control, Moles Control, Flies Control and more. Don’t wait—take action against Fleas today!


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Look for signs such as itchy bites, pets scratching excessively, and tiny dark specks on bedding. Our experts at Aman Pest Control can conduct a thorough inspection to confirm and assess the extent of the infestation.

Yes, fleas can transmit diseases and cause discomfort to both humans and pets. Prompt flea control is crucial to prevent health issues. Aman Pest Control offers effective solutions tailored to Bristol residents.

1. Wear protective clothing: Make sure to wear protective clothing that covers your entire body, including your face and hands. This can include a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, gloves, and a hat with a veil.

2. Locate the nest: Identify the location of the wasp nest during the daytime when the wasps are more likely to be active. Look for a round or oval-shaped structure made of a papery material, often hanging from a tree or building.

3. Plan your approach: Plan your approach carefully. Schedule when the wasps are less active, such as at dawn or dusk, and make sure to have an escape route in case you need to retreat quickly.

4. Use a pesticide spray: Spray the nest with a pesticide designed specifically for wasp nests. Ascertain to follow the instructions on the label carefully, and wear protective clothing and eye protection while spraying.

5. Wait and check: Wait for a day or two and check the nest to see if any wasps are still active. If there are still wasps present, repeat the process until all of the wasps are eliminated.

6. Remove the nest: Once all the wasps have been eliminated, remove the nest carefully and dispose of it properly. Do not attempt to remove the nest while there are still wasps present.

Remember, dealing with wasps can be dangerous, and it is always best to seek the help of a professional if you are unsure or uncomfortable with tackling the problem yourself.

We employ a combination of safe and targeted treatments, including insecticides and vacuuming, to eliminate fleas at various stages of their life cycle. Our approach ensures comprehensive and long-lasting results.

Results differ depending on the extremity of the infestation. Generally, you may notice a significant reduction in fleas within a few days. Our team provides follow-up inspections to ensure complete eradication.

Yes, we value the safety of your loved ones above everything. Our products are carefully chosen to be effective against fleas while posing minimal risk to humans and pets. We follow industry best practices for application.

The frequency depends on various factors, including the severity of past infestations and the presence of pets. Our specialists can assess your situation and recommend a customized schedule for optimal results.

While our treatments are highly effective, new infestations can occur. Our ongoing maintenance plans and preventive measures help minimize the risk of recurrence.

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