Flies are one of the major problem faced in many areas.Especially near the food items, at damp and moist places and near the garbage. There are various types of flies which are found in different places. Fliesfeed on waste material and carry pathogens on their body parts. When the flies sit on any food item or place, pathogens are transferred onto the food material. They carry pathogen in their wings and legs. As soon as they come in contact with food, the food gets contaminated. Consumption of contaminated food can cause many health problems

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There are various types of flies

  • Drain fly
  • Fruit fly
  • Blowfly
  • Housefly
  • GNAT
  • Phorid humplocked fly

What problems can flies cause?

These insects can cause many serious health problems, as flies eat waste products and then land on each and everything. This causes contamination especially in the case of food. Such contaminated food should not is consumed. Many diseases can be spread by this:

  • Infection in bloodstream
  • Diarrhea
  • Food poisoning
  • Meningitis

Flies are one of those insects which multiply at a very fast rate. It is tough to control the flies colony. Only an expert can do it. To does it, several preventive and control measures need to be taken.

Preventive measures and control measures:

To keep the Flies away, the first and foremost step is to keep the doors and windows closed. Flies mostly present at warm and moist places. Summer is the season of flies and major preventions need to be taken during summer.

All the surfaces should be cleaned regularly. Any droppings of food and liquid should be cleaned immediately. This helps in maintaining the hygiene of the place. As flies do not come at a clean place. They only search for waste material to feed on.

Garbage and waste disposal should be proper. There should be no foul odour and access to waste products for flies. Waste disposal should be away from the living area so that flies cannot reach your place. Garbage should be properly sealed and then dumped.

Pesticide-free traps can also be used to capture the flies. As the Flies are a domestic insect, that’s why pesticides free traps should be used to avoid any hazardous effect. This also prevents any harmful effect on the environment.

Use of less harmful sprays and insecticide is one good option. These are not much effective because you cannot get rid of flies by attacking a single fly. You need to control the whole colony of the flies. That’s why these are not much used for large operations. But these are good for small infestation.


To treat this problem the first step is to identify which fly species is it. Control measures vary according to the variety of fly. To control this only an expert can help you. We, Aman pest control, have a team of experts, who can help you to get rid of this problem. We assure you good quality work in minimum time. You cannot avoid the problem as it can cause many problems, but not one.

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