How to Keep Ground Squirrels Out of Your Garden?

how to get rid of ground squirrels in your garden

Let’s face it: we all enjoy watching the unique antics of squirrels. However, you surely do not want them in your backyard snacking away. So, here is a comprehensive list of how to get rid of ground squirrels in garden so that anyone can use it to keep squirrels away from the garden.

But First, How Would You Know There Are Squirrels in Your Garden?

1. Observation:

Pest control tips for ground squirrels can be relatively easy, mainly because they are diurnal, unlike other garden pests. That is to say, they are awake and fed during the day and sleep during the night. So, it should not be hard to spot an active squirrel in your garden during the day if there are any squirrels present.

2. Squirrel droppings:

Their droppings are oblong pellets, brown to reddish-brown. They are mostly found near the feeding spots.

3. Signs of chewing:

Squirrels are rodents, which means that their incisors are continually growing. They constantly chew on things to keep them in check. However, the bad news for homeowners is that, in most cases, squirrels decide that they can chew on almost anything, including various garden structures. Squirrels can also chew right through a garbage bin and thoroughly chew the bark of a tree.

4. Digging:

Squirrels instinctively store nuts for the winter. A squirrel can bury up to 100 nuts a day. Therefore, if you find squirrels digging in your yard, they are either burying food or digging up the food they had stored previously. Now comes the central part…

How Can You Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden – How to Get Rid of Ground Squirrels?

1. Remove bird feeders:

Try to avoid them if you see that squirrels can easily access them or the birds drop the seeds on the ground. If it’s a must for you to feed birds, then consider investing in a squirrel-proof feeder. Also, you can use safflower seeds, as squirrels like them, or even mix cayenne pepper. Don’t worry. They don’t bother the birds.

2. Remove plant matter that attracts squirrels:

As we all know, squirrels mainly feed on nuts and seeds. The more you keep your garden free of them, the less attractive it will be to the squirrels. To know ground squirrels how to get rid of them, and if you have nut trees, keep your yard free of fallen nuts. Also, cutting back plants that will seed would be a wise idea. Moreover, cover seed heads with paper bags if you have plans to save them. If there are berries, you should stay on top of picking when they become ripe or cover them up with netting.

3. Wire mesh:

It’s natural to expect a squirrel to return to the same spot where they have been chewing. Covering the affected area with a wire mesh is the best Squirrels Control Bristol way to prevent further damage. Wire mesh is also one of the best squirrel pest control methods for protecting the plants you value most. However, as squirrels can dig, you should bury your mesh at least a few inches to cage a bed that does not have a frame.

4. Aluminum flashing:

These ground squirrel pest control tips can be practical when protecting trees from the chewing damage squirrels make. You can find them in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Large flexible sheets work best if you plan to protect trees.

5. Netting & fencing:

It is not among the most effective squirrel pest control tips, especially compared to other garden pests. This is because squirrels are skilled climbers, and it’s easy to scale a fence.

But, some gardeners can make a fence from fine mesh. It is so flimsy that it gives the squirrels a hard time climbing. You can also cover the top of your fenced area with netting and then secure the edge of the fence to prevent it from squeezing through.

6. Mulch:

Applying a thick layer of leaf mulch might be a good idea if you want to know how to keep ground squirrels out of your garden. It will insulate the soil from any moisture loss and prevent squirrel digging. Also, adding a layer of wire mesh underneath will keep the squirrels from digging deep.

7. Homemade repellent spray:

You can prepare a repellent spray at home using cayenne powder, fresh hot peppers, or chili flakes in water; it helps deter ground squirrels in the garden. Moreover, you can add some onion or garlic to make the deterrent spray more potent.

8. Movement and noise as squirrel deterrents:

The simple movement of a garden pinwheel decoration or pie plates in the wind can deter squirrels from digging in gardens. Although noise deterrents are not as effective, a motion-activated sprinkler can startle many of them and act as an effective Pest Control Bristol. But squirrels can become accustomed to all noises and movements over time, so use them in rotation.

9. Pets:

Having your pets on patrol is one of the most reliable ground squirrel pest control methods. Pets like dogs and cats can chase squirrels away; even if they don’t, a squirrel will instinctively keep its distance from your garden.

10. Plant squirrel resistant plants:

There are many plants in your flowerbed that a squirrel is likely to munch on. You can plant crocus, marigold, allium, lily, daffodil, hyacinth, geraniums, or columbine if you find squirrels feeding your flowers.
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How to Keep Ground Squirrels Out of Your Garden?

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