Moles are difficult to detect.They can hardly be seen.Moles create tunnels under the ground in search of worms and insects.Their primary source of food is earthworm.In search of earthworm they create deep excavations underground and in subsurface.The mounds can be seen and highly visible.These are present in warm and damp areas mostly.If you see mounds of soil, depth and shadows in your garden, it means mole infestation is there.moles can destroy a park, lawn and grass in few hours. This caused drying of grass and directly affects the aesthetic appeal. These are extremely active after a rainy day.These is one of the reasons for reduction of soil fertility. To control the following control measures need to be taken:

Moles Control Bristol
  • Mole Baits: This bait mimics as if it is the original food of a mole. These baits are similar in shape, size, color and smell as their primary food. Mole baits contain attractants, which make the food more tempting for moles and it ensures its consumption by the mole. It can kill the moles within 24 hours.
  • Mole Traps: in this method the mole trap is installed by an expert worker. It is a very effective method but it has only one drawback. It requires a lot of time and patience but the result is extremely satisfying. It is mostly used for large areas.
  • Gassers: It is not that effective way to control the moles. But if it is used correctly, good results can be obtained. It is good to use it when the infestation of moles is less. But for larger area, these are not used widely.
  • Mole repellents: These repellents come in liquid form and granular form. As the mole approach to attack the area, they cannot stand the odor and fail miserably to attack the place. They cannot invade into the area. It can turn out to be a very helpful method if a professional person handles it. Mole repellent does not kill the moles, but they just inhibit them.
  • Insecticides: Insecticides are used widely. It is the method that is quick and effective. Insecticides can be used without the help of expertise, but only in small areas. If the area is large, you need to call an expert. These insecticides are environment-friendly and human friendly. These only affect the moles and successfully kills them.

To apply the control measures at your place, you need to hire an expert. You cannot do it yourself. We, at Aman pest control provide services related to mole control.

Why to hire us?

  • We have a team of skilled and experienced members to help you in overcoming moles infestation.
  • We provide emergency services in adverse situations.
  • Our team member’s expertise in quick knocks down of moles and their elimination from your lawn garden and park.
  • We take care that environment is not harmed by our measures.
  • We ensure treatment and elimination of target organism only. We take care that any non target organism should not be harmed.

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