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In need of carpet moth treatment in Bristol? We provide affordable carpet moth control in Bristol. If you have heard about moth pest control services for the first time then you are lucky as in British summer cloth moth is quite common and most of the people require cloth moth or carpet moth pest control Bristol. Carpet Moth season is mainly from the month of April to the month of October. The lifecycle of carpet moth is complete metamorphosis, in which life cycle goes in a circle of egg- larvae- pupa and then adult. The time span of the egg to become an adult is approximately eight weeks. The natural habitat of cloth moth is normally outdoor either on bird nest or dead animal skin or fur but nowadays is also very common for carpet moths to be found in the houses as these centrally heated houses become the preferred habitat for them in Bristol. The lifecycle indoor can be four times more than outdoor. Thus, it is necessary to get the carpet moth control in Bristol done regularly.

Carpet Moth Control Bristol

A cloth moth always chooses a dark area to lay eggs. it can lay from thirty to three hundred eggs. The most destructive stage in carpet moth’s lifecycle is the larvae stage. It takes eight weeks from egg to become an adult. As carpet moth likes to lay eggs in dark areas and in joints, cracks and crevices. Most of the time it comes to notice when the damage is already done. The larvae feed on natural fibres of carpet and clothes. They prefer silk, wool, cotton and natural fibres. There is no instance reported of synthetic clothes being damaged by the larvae. Thus, to save your clothes, carpets, sofa etc it is important to get carpet moth pest control in Bristol done the moment you see cloth moths damaging your property. An adult carpet moth is normally one centimetre long and the wings span can be anything from 1.5 to 1.8 centimetre.

Professional Carpet Moth Control in Bristol for Households

As carpet moth damages the expensive clothes and expensive carpets it is very important that the right steps are taken at right time. What we mean by taking the right action at right time is hiring a professional pest control company for carpet moth control in Bristol. Other than financial damages there can be emotional stress as some of the clothes have emotional ties. Even though carpet or cloth moth chooses the dark area and hidden areas there may be some visible patches of bold carpet or visible holes in woolen clothes. Like every other pest, there are various methods to control adult carpet moth and larvae in the household. Carpet moth control services in Bristol that we provide are mainly divided into two categories, One is Integrated Pest Management, and secondly the use of insecticides to control carpet moth population.

Integrated Pest Management for Carpet Moth Pest Control in Bristol

To maintain a healthy and safe environment there are various carpet moth pest control companies in Bristol who work and promote non-toxic methods to control cloth moths. In carpet moth control also there are some non-toxic ways to help control the moth damaging the clothes and carpet.

The most common way to control carpet moth in Bristol is through vacuuming of carpet area. The vacuum has to be detailed and on 100% of the carpet area which may include moving beds and furniture from one place to another. Make sure to empty the vacuum outside the house and clean it with hot water to avoid re-infestation. The next and the most common step for controlling carpet moth in integrated pest management is heat treatment. Heat treatment is becoming quite popular for carpet moth control in Bristol and bed bugs control. Heat penetration kills the adults as well as larvae stages of carpet moth lifecycle.

The heat generator needs to be capable to maintain the room temperature over 56 degrees and need power supply accordingly. Use of professional Heat Treatment Pest Controllers is strongly advisable as this needs a lot of detailing to prevent further damages that can be done by carpet moths in Bristol. Clothes can also be frozen for a few days to finish the larvae stage of the carpet moth. As Moth Only lay eggs in dark joints and cracks it’s also good practice to move things at regular intervals and clean it properly.

Sticky Monitors is also one of the ways of controlling carpet moth in Bristol. Sticky paper monitors also control the carpet moth population and also work as a guide to whether the population is growing or not.

Another Way of Controlling Carpet Moths in Bristol – Insecticide Spray Treatment

Thorough Insecticide spray is also the most common carpet moth control technique in Bristol, used by many pest controllers. Some of the common names are Ficam W and Cimetrol Super. As insecticide can reach cracks and joints it’s more effective than vacuuming and cleaning.

Insecticide spray on the carpet will stop damage and kill Larvae of carpet moths immediately. Whereas an adult carpet moth on walls and ceiling will require ultra-low volume fumigation or insecticide smoke generators.

Insecticide spray needs to be carried by a professional carpet moth pest controller in Bristol and instructions on label or pest controllers report needing to be strictly followed. Insecticide Spray is less than half the price of heat treatment for carpet moth control in Bristol and as being done internally has minimal environment or secondary poisoning fears.

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